Happy Announcement!

Never saw me writing this kind of post, but voila! We’re expecting a baby, due in October 2017!

For someone dealing with PCOS, I think we are very very lucky with this pregnancy. Everything sort of happened au naturale when we already even had IVF in mind. God is good! Nothing much has changed except that I’m prescribed on a complete bedrest at least till another 2 months or so. 

With this pregnancy I’ve slowed down by a lot because pregnancy brain is… real. Multitasking is definitely out of the question, now my brain can only churn one thing at a time. Besides, I’m also actually prohibited to think about work, but of course that causes more stress for me :’)

Mary’s Pastry Lab is still operating as per normal, just that all our plans for bakesales and whatnots have to be delayed for a while now. Guess have to put little bean as priority first. How’s your early 2017 holding up for you?

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