Our Story

Mary’s Pastry Lab is a pastry caterer/online cake shop in Jakarta who will deliver a good dose of happiness to your doorstep. Her kitchen (she preferred to call it a lab) was once a retreat from her 9-5 job. There she would swap her laptop for a wooden spatula and concoct all sorts of pastries. Some were yummy, some were odd, others exploded in a doughy mess.

After 4 years of experimenting (not to mention doing it in 4 different countries), she has decided to leave her day job and turn to her kitchen + lab retreat into a full time reality. She’s lived and baked in Jakarta since mid 2012. Her macarons, cupcakes, cookies, creampuffs, and cakes come fresh out of the oven and contain only the freshest ingredients.

Nothing fancy, just yummy.

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